How to Tell If Your Home Has Structural Problems

Foundation is the key structure of every home. It is said that without a proper foundation, there is no house. If there are any problems with the foundation and structure, your property will face great perils—ones that can even lead to catastrophic consequences to the property and environment. This is why structural home problems are not a thing to play with. There are many structural problems that can occur, depending on the quality of the base, materials, etc. But the bottom line is that taking ample precautions when building or buying a home lowers the chances of stumbling upon some pitfalls. In this article, we will be showing how to tell if your home has structural problems

How do structural problems occur

Before we dedicate our time to specific structural problems and how to tell if your home is suffering from one, let’s take a minute and look at how they occur. There are many ways for structural problems to manifest. Here are the most common ones:

  •  neglecting your property
  • skipping on repairs
  • skipping on maintenance
  • wrong or poor choices in materials
  • wrong building methods

Real estate experts say that these specific cases represent the most chance that your property will suffer from structural damage. They also state that you should take immediate action in order to prevent this from happening. It can have a detrimental effect not only on your property but on your life as well.

Cracks in the walls

Cracks in walls and ceiling can indicate that your home has structural problems. Of course, not every crack and dent represents an immediate threat or structural problem at that. But they are a good sign that something went wrong and needs to be addressed. If you are experiencing a sagging ceiling, cracks in walls spreading, and getting bigger; it can definitely indicate that there is a structural failure. Roadway Moving recommends immediately acting in order to stop the problem before it gets blown out of proportion. A small crack may seem innocent enough, but if left unchecked, it can become a tremendous liability or even a detriment to the environment. In this regard, having regular inspections can greatly benefit your cause, helping you sleep at night.

Cracks in chimneys point to structural problems

Another place where cracks can occur is the chimney. Since the chimney has an excellent connection to the base of the house, if there is a structural problem in the house, it will also reflect on the chimney. If you see cracks in the chimney, you should act fast. This means that something went very wrong in the structure and represents a great threat. If left unchecked, this can lead to further unseen damages to the structure of the property and the chimney falling over. In the long run, selling a house that needs repairs may become extremely hard. It is obvious how big an impact this can have on both the property and its inhabitants.

Bulging walls is how to tell your home has structural problems

Bulging walls are very hard to spot in the beginning. They can start as a subtle change, but they can become more apparent over time. Sadly, it can be very late if you come to the stage where it becomes apparent. It will probably mean that structural damage has been severe, so much so that the walls may crumble. Another problem is that if one section of the wall is affected, the chances are that other ones are affected too. This can cause a chain reaction and damage throughout the sections.

Check your roof to see if your home has structural problems

The roof is one of the most important parts of every home. It keeps the home safe and secure from all external influences. Experiencing sagging and leakages from a roof that is in its prime may point to structural problems. In fact, under no circumstance should the roof fail to do its job. This means that the roof has suffered some damage and fails to function properly. Although leaks are not that big of a problem initially, they can grow into a severe issue. If left unaddressed, it can lead to more leaks and a sagging roof. These are definite signs that the structural integrity of the property is compromised. It can happen due to:

  • weather damage
  • lack of maintenance
  • fire damage
  • termite damage
  • removing load-bearing walls

Finding last-minute movers

If your home has structural problems, you may need to move out in order to fix them. Moving requires a lot of dedication of time, money, and personal engagement, especially when it comes to last-minute relocation. If you need to fix structural problems in your home, it can be very beneficial to find last-minute movers to help. These experts can do this on short notice. This means they will handle all the heavy stuff, leaving you ample time to dedicate to preparations that still need your attention. Hiring professionals will also save you money, and best of all, you won’t be doing the tough parts alone. This way, you can take care of your home without putting your family at risk. 

Gaps in doors point to structural problems in the home

We have been talking about bulging walls and the damage they can cause to a home. Gaps in doors and windows can be related to this issue. If you spot doors and windows that are hard to shut, uneven gaps between the walls, and windows that are separated from the walls or won’t stay closed, there is a high chance that your property is suffering from structural problems. This can be even more evident if left unchecked for some time. If you see that the gaps are increasing or getting uneven, things can get complicated even more. It can lead to critical wall failure and damage, so acting in the early stages can be crucial.

As we have seen, there can be many indications of structural problems in your property. Answering the question of how to tell if your home has structural problems is not easy. There are many subtle changes in your property that, if left unchecked, can turn into serious issues. They can also manifest in different and key parts of your home, such as chimneys, walls, and roofs. In order to ensure safety, doing inspections on a regular basis can be the key to success.

key home has structural problems

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