7 Hidden Problems in Old Homes

There’s something so attractive about old houses. Their charm, the weight of memories made there, and the overall romantic look makes many people want to renovate an old house and make it a home. However, it would be best if you didn’t overlook the disadvantages of owning an old home because of its charming traditional … Continued

Is Owner Financing A Good Idea For The Seller In Portland?

If you’re thinking about selling your house and you’re wondering what your options are, perhaps you’re exploring something called “seller financing” (also called “owner financing”). Owner financing is a little-known but very effective way to sell your house. And maybe you’re wondering, is owner financing a good idea for the seller in Portland? That’s a … Continued

5 Benefits of Downsizing for Seniors

5 Benefits of Downsizing for Seniors Most young people dream of owning a large home to establish a family and spend the rest of their lives. However, as time passes, people’s goals tend to become simpler, so they sell their homes and relocate to a smaller one that better meets their current needs. Downsizing can … Continued

5 Ways to Stop Foreclosure in Oregon

Foreclosures are not a sudden event; there is a lot of warning before the lender implements the final procedure. Putting your head in the sand and hiding from your problems is the worst thing you could do regarding financial issues. Instead, it is always better to face your problems head-on and make the best choice … Continued

5 Tips for Investors Looking for Probate Properties in Oregon

Looking for probate properties in Oregon? Inheriting a property might sound fantastic, but the reality for most is far from enjoyable. Often, none of the heirs are interested in living on the property, and few enjoy paying the bills for the property as the probate process drags on. At this point, beneficiaries have two options: … Continued

5 Tips for Selling a Probate Property in Oregon

Inheriting a property after losing a family member or beloved friend can be an overwhelming experience. With or without a will, estates must go through the process of probate. Naturally, if there is a will, the process is much smoother. The home would be in perfect condition in an ideal world, with the mortgage paid … Continued

Can You Sell a House with Code Violations

So, the time has come for you to sell your house? If that’s so, there’s a chance you might be wondering: can I sell it even with code violations? You’ll want to know that you’re not alone in those thoughts. Many home sellers are asking themselves the same question. That’s, among other things, why we’ve … Continued

How to Determine Home Values in Portland

Ready to sell? Now the tough part, understanding how to determine home values in Portland.  Sellers often get caught up in memories that were created and attach an emotional value to the home. It can make the determination of the value an extremely difficult process and also result in the home being priced far out … Continued

The True Costs of Owning the Wrong Portland Home

The true costs of owning the wrong Portland home can be not only emotional but very expensive. Why live another day in a home that you can no longer afford or just doesn’t suit your lifestyle any longer? Here are some of the true costs of owning the wrong home in Portland. Overbought Many times … Continued

Our Guide to Portland Real Estate Contracts

As a real estate investor, when there is a deal at hand, there is necessarily a contract involved. While real estate contracts may seem intimidating, taking the time to familiarize yourself with the terminology you’ll encounter is well worth the effort. You’ll want to have a full grasp of contracts or a trusted guide to … Continued