How to Say Goodbye to a Home Before Selling

If you’re packing up your life and relocating to or from Portland, Oregon, you are most likely thinking about all the beautiful memories you’ve had in your old home. That is why moving away from your old home can sometimes be incredibly difficult. If you’ve spent many years in the house you’re about to leave, you’ve likely infused every square inch of it with good vibes and fond memories. And if this is the case, you should prepare yourself for a heartfelt goodbye to the home you have been living in. So if you wish to part from your old house meaningfully, today we will talk about how to say goodbye to a home before selling and moving out.

1. Take Your Time

To some, selling their first house in Portland, Oregon, is like closing the curtain on a significant part of their life. Some people may even feel a sense of disorientation during this process. It might be challenging to let go of a childhood home because of the strong feelings associated with it. However, just because you are leaving your home doesn’t mean that your memories are staying behind. Get the gang together, and tour the home room by room. Allow each family member to say goodbye to a home in their unique way by relating a tale or fond recollection from that space. Make an effort to preserve your past by creating a video. After everyone has said their last goodbyes, walk out of the room as a unit and shut the door behind you as a sign of closure. 

2. Leave Your Mark

Many people feel sad when they have to say goodbye to a home because they don’t like the thought of someone else living there. However, you can help ease this sentiment by stamping the place you once called home. How you choose to do this is up to you. If you don’t have any ideas, some of the things you can do are: 

  • Put your initials in a tree.
  • Sneak a note beneath a shelf
  • Leave a message in a door jam to leave a lasting impression.

Anything goes, as long as you are not damaging the property by doing it. While completing any necessary repairs before listing your home for sale is an excellent opportunity to leave your mark. However, if you don’t want to leave any visible marks on the property, you can bury a time capsule filled with memories in the backyard for the next owners to discover years from now. Making your mark may help you feel at ease before you go, and knowing that there’s still a little bit of you there after you’ve moved out can ease the pain of loss.

3.  Have Something To Take With You

Taking something with you is quite acceptable, even if you are leaving. Many people buy new furniture for the new home and place the old items in the garage or basement until the time comes when they are ready to dispose of them. They might even leave some of it in the old home. However, if you have fond memories connected with an item in the rooms you leave behind, it can be a good idea to take it with you. However, choose what you take with you carefully. When moving, you want to make the process less overwhelming, not add to it. However, if you have the proper moving supplies, you can take more with you than you originally thought.

4. Take a Lot of Photos

Taking photos of your previous house can help you recall the good times you had there. Make sure you capture all the locations that are meaningful to you, such as your bedroom or that spot in your patio area where you prefer to read. Extending the project to include images of local landmarks, such as your child’s favorite park or alma mater, can be a fun way to commemorate meaningful memories.

Remember to print the photographs and save them in a keepsake album or scrapbook since these memories deserve a life beyond your camera. The best time to take these photos is when you’re taking the photos for listing your home for sale, especially if you need to move quickly. The photos will still be important to you twenty years from now, but you’ll have an easier time recalling their significance if you caption them. Flipping through them will bring you genuine joy if you’re experiencing sentimental feelings. 

5. Make a Farewell Party

After all these years, your house deserves a suitable goodbye celebration. You can still have a party even if you have already started packing. Your guests probably won’t mind seeing a few moving boxes lying about. Light some candles, play music, and spend quality time with your loved ones at your home or apartment before it’s time to go.

6. Look to the Future

One of the best ways to transition from one home to the next is to stop dwelling on the past and start planning for the future. A new prospective job? A larger home in a nicer neighborhood? Picture all the fun things to do and new people to meet in your new home. According to Best Movers NYC, this is the advice most moving companies give to sad clients during a move. 


Now that we have told you how to say goodbye to a home before selling, we’d like to offer some parting words of wisdom: your loved ones are your home. The critical thing to remember is that your home was never really about the four walls that made up its structure – it was about the people who lived in it and the experiences you shared.

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