How to find good investment property in Portland

Lots of investors are looking to get started, and as active real estate experts in Portland Oregon, we get asked to share our secrets quite a bit.

Fortunately, we love to share 🙂

One of the biggest questions we get from local investors is ” How to find a good investment property in Portland Oregon?

With the flood of foreclosure deals all but dried up (compared to where they were a few years back)… people are having to get more creative in finding the best deals on great local Portland investment properties.

Our property acquisitions stem from diverse marketing channels, both online and offline, ensuring a multifaceted approach to discovering valuable investment opportunities in Portland. There isn’t a singular method deemed superior for identifying lucrative investment properties.

The guidance provided below outlines actionable steps to uncover exceptional properties for inclusion in your investment portfolio. Contrary to the common apprehension about competition, we embrace collaboration with fellow investors. Our ethos revolves around collective achievements, recognizing that collaborative efforts can yield results beyond individual capabilities.

Our commitment to sharing knowledge and principles is driven by the desire to elevate the standard of investment in Portland and foster the development of resilient communities. By openly sharing insights, we aim to contribute to the collective success of investors in the same locales. In the end, our shared investments underscore the importance of doing things correctly for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

How to Find Good Investment Property in Portland

There are a few core principles that are important to understanding if you want to get the best investment property deals.

First, think long term.

Real estate doesn’t move like the stock market. It’s where people live, work and play – not just numbers on a screen. It’s almost impossible to make a huge amount of cash in a short-term real estate deal, those come few and far between.

So don’t expect to get away with fancy tricks, or that you’re smarter than the people who have been doing this stuff for years. Thinking long-term means learning from the past to better anticipate the future.

It also means that if you don’t find the local investment properties you’re looking for right away… just know that this isn’t a sprint… it’s a marathon.

That’s why it’s a great idea to find several sources of properties that fit your criteria (like our Portland Investment Property Buyers List >> ) so you have a heavier flow of great deals to look at.

Second, focus on relationships.

To establish connections within this niche community, attend local Real Estate Investor Associations (REIAs) and engage with active participants. Inquire about preferred real estate agents and active wholesalers in the area, collecting their contact information. Broadcast your investment criteria to let others know you are in the market for properties meeting your specifications.

While mastering the art of finding prime investment properties in Portland is relatively straightforward, the real key lies in cultivating relationships. Building strong connections can be pivotal in gaining access to exclusive deals that remain hidden from the broader Portland, Oregon market. In essence, the pursuit of these relationships is an essential element in securing some of the most exclusive property deals in Portland.

Who should you get to know?

  • A few of the top investment friendly real estate brokers in Portland
  • A couple real estate appraisers who deal w/ the types of properties you deal with
  • The top handful of property wholesalers in the area
  • The top handful of property rehabbers/flippers in the area
  • Title agents that deal with investment properties a lot

Third, identify your target investments.

The investment landscape in Portland may seem expansive, but it’s surprisingly compact, comprising a select group of brokers and investors who dominate the market’s activities.

A limited number of key players consistently engage in transactions, often forming close-knit networks. Identifying and connecting with these individuals is a worthwhile investment of time and energy. Collaborating with them proves beneficial, as they serve as invaluable sources for accessing high-quality deals both presently and in the long term.

Success in investments, much like other aspects of life, often favors those who exhibit unwavering focus. Discovering your specific niche within the vast realm of investment is crucial. Remarkable fortunes can be amassed by individuals specializing in diverse niches such as parking garages, storage units, residential apartments, or retail properties.

To maximize success, diligent research is imperative. Thoroughly analyze various segments of the market to identify opportunities that genuinely align with your goals, rather than succumbing to the allure of well-marketed options. Once you pinpoint the type of property you aspire to own, develop a strategic plan to ascertain the property’s current ownership. Establishing a connection with the owners ensures that they consider you when deciding to sell.

Although this approach demands considerable effort, it stands as a proven method for cultivating long-term wealth through strategic and focused investments. By meticulously navigating the market and staying true to your chosen niche, you position yourself for sustained success in the realm of investments.

Finally – use technology.

Sign up for our list of exclusive properties, and we’ll notify you instantly when we find a great investment.

Our approach involves consistently identifying properties at significant discounts, acquiring them, and subsequently offering them at discounted rates to individuals on our dedicated investor list. We prioritize those who are prepared, eager, and financially capable of making an investment. While this strategy forms the core of our operations, there are alternative methods for staying informed about properties available on the open market.

In addition to our distinctive process, it is advisable to explore other avenues, such as familiarizing yourself with multiple listing services. While it may seem conventional to join the broader search on these platforms, it’s worth noting that exceptional deals occasionally surface amid the more common listings. Therefore, diversifying your approach to include both our specialized sourcing methods and broader market searches can enhance your chances of discovering hidden gems in the real estate market.

We don’t deal with average deals – we only pass along great deals to our partner investors. We’re not real estate brokers, and our business is a niche within Portland.

If you’re looking to seriously invest in Portland, we’d love to chat with you to learn your wants, wishes, and objectives.

So hopefully you now know how to find great investment properties in Portland. If you have questions give us a call or join our buyer’s list below!

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