Common Misconceptions About Buying a Fixer Upper

We’ve all seen the shows and heard the stories. People get worn down homes for pennies and turn them into dream homes for themselves or sell them for a nice profit. Though you can do it, it’s not easy, nor is it for everyone. It would help if you researched what to expect when buying properties that need extensive renovations in Portland before determining that your next house should be a fixer-upper. If you think this kind of undertaking is not your cup of tea, contact a reputable Portland company specialized in buying and selling houses in as-is condition and spare yourself all the trouble. Fixer-upper homes can sometimes be a fantastic value, but they can also be more trouble than they are worth. Here, we’ll try to debunk any potential common misconceptions about buying a fixer upper.

Flipping it for a profit

Many people believe it’s a foolproof plan to buy a cheap home in a rough condition, fix it up, and earn a hefty profit. Though sometimes they aren’t aware that the people selling those houses have considered all those things and decided against the repairs and stress they entail. Many homeowners trying to sell a “fixer upper” know that they will need to offer their house at a price that reflects the expense of the renovation. These calculations do not account for updating a home’s “look” or any upgrading to higher-end finishes. It would be best if you were cautious not to spend too much on renovations and not be able to recoup your costs.

Fixer-upper may take a toll on your personal life

Unless you do this kind of a thing for a living, you’re in for a bumpy ride without even knowing it. This kind of undertaking will engage you in so many ways on so many fronts. You should be prepared and willing to commit your nerves, time, and a lot more money than planned to pull this through successfully. You’ll need to plan everything, and you’ll need to plan it well. If you need to reach out to experienced people to transport things and furniture in the Portland area, we recommend contacting movers in advance to ensure they will be available when you need them. If you are planning on being thorough in this project, you’ll need:

  • Home inspectors 
  • Contractors 
  • Architects 
  •  Movers 
  • Decorators 

Unfortunately, in many situations as strenuous as this, people succumb to the pressure and vent it out on the ones closest to them. Be that a partner, spouse, or family member, a conflict may occur. Do whatever you can to protect your relationships, regardless of how important this project is. Put people first before any walls, windows, and roofs.

You’re not the only one with the bright idea

It certainly appears like everyone has discovered that flipping houses can make a profit and earn you tens of thousands of dollars after the wild 2002–2007 real estate boom! Since it sounded like easy money after the most recent crash, many people started calling themselves “real estate investors.” This real estate investor mindset is getting more widespread. As a result, there is fierce competition for fixer-uppers and flips in most American markets. In the Portland market, there may be a lot of interest in fixer-uppers, which raises prices and makes the profit margin extremely thin!

Banks and lenders may not share your optimism

Although many loan options generally allow for repairs, lending rules do change frequently (so this may not apply to where you live in Portland). This is because a lender may not see the plausibility of the after-renovation value you expect. Some lenders could be interested and issue you a loan if you explain that you are planning to spend $50,000 building a house, which will be worth $100,000 when you are done. But some have seen the process fail and will be less inclined to get involved. If all this hassle isn’t something you’re willing to go through, and the property in question is in Portland, you should consider the easier solution to your situation


Don’t concentrate only on the specifics

The most noticeable renovations and crowd-pleasing areas are in the kitchen and bathroom. Though important, these are only a portion of the total work that you must do. People are far more concerned with the practicality of their homes now that they have seen enough quick flips. You must ensure that the house functions as a whole and that everything is in order. Don’t get overexcited that only a few essential sections seem fantastic. It would be best if you made sure everything in the home is considered practical and useful. If it is not, you’ll have a tough time rearranging it in a way that suits you and your needs.

If you want to feel at home after the property has been fully repaired and renovated to your taste, you can try staging the area with furniture and decorations from your current home. Though this will add to your already busy and overwhelming to-do list, as packing is one of the most stressful moving tasks, as stated by Royal Moving Company, with the right help and organization, you’ll be happy you did it. While professional movers and packers will arrive with the necessary supplies, if you are packing yourself, you must make a checklist and buy the supplies in advance.

A common misconception about buying a fixer-upper is that you won’t need a home inspection

When you are buying or selling a property, it is advisable to perform a home inspection. It’s probably even more crucial if you’re looking to buy a fixer-upper. Structural flaws are typically invisible to the untrained eye and are significantly more expensive to remedy than simple cosmetic alterations. Most certified home inspectors will calculate the needed repairs in detail and give you an accurate estimate. Homebuyers can be unaware of just how beneficial a house inspection is. They are unaware that if a home inspection reveals serious issues about the property, you can use that as a way to get out of the purchase negotiations. For this benefit alone, a home inspection is worth the money. There is no good excuse not to conduct a house inspection, even if you handle the repairs yourself. It’s just an inexpensive “insurance” that you’ll be glad you got.Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight into all the common misconceptions about buying a fixer upper. Now you know it’s not a streamlined path with no room for error. If you feel adventurous and up for the challenge, go for it. We will be happy to take your Oregon property off your hands as-is, so you can sell your home to us before or after you renovate.

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