7 Hidden Problems in Old Homes

There’s something so attractive about old houses. Their charm, the weight of memories made there, and the overall romantic look makes many people want to renovate an old house and make it a home. However, it would be best if you didn’t overlook the disadvantages of owning an old home because of its charming traditional features. Old houses also come with specific issues that future owners should be aware of. If you have your eye on one of these cute properties or you have inherited an old house, make sure you know about these seven hidden problems in old homes and be prepared for the renovation process.

  1. Old plumbing system 

Depending on the age of your home, the plumbing system can be nowhere near modern solutions. This can result in several different issues in the future. Old plumbing systems are prone to leaking, corrosion, low water pressure, etc. However, fixing them can be a problem, too, as today’s technologies don’t apply. Another fundamental problem is lead that may be present in old pipes. It can happen that the pipes are so old and contain lead, which is quite dangerous, especially if you plan to move in with children. It is critical to check for the traces of lead in the pipes and in the paint around the house and see if you need to do some corrections before moving in. Pipes with traces of lead should be replaced completely. However, lead in the paint can be covered with a solid coat of lead-free paint unless it has already started to chip. In that case, it needs to be removed before applying a new coat of paint.

  1. The electrical system from a long time ago

Electricity is not something we should overlook and underestimate, so it’s surely one of the first things to check when buying any home, especially an old one. Similar to the pipes, electrical wires from a long time ago can cause serious safety issues. And it’s not only about your appliances not working well. A bad electrical system risks other more severe problems such as electrical shocks and getting your home on fireRewiring is one of the costs you should include when planning a house remodeling budget, as it can get quite pricey – about $2,000, depending on the size of the house. However, you should keep in mind this cost is worth every penny as it improves the safety of your new home. Also, it will allow you to use modern appliances and enjoy the house to the fullest.

  1. Windows 

Even though old, wooden windows can look fantastic from the outside, they can be a big, hidden problem in an old home. If they are not in good condition, these windows will lose a considerable amount of heat from the house and can be a potential security threat. Upgrading the windows will ensure you save energy and heat and make the house more soundproof and secure. Modern double-glazed windows ensure more protection and make you feel more peaceful in your new “old” home.

  1. Roof

Even though it’s big and right there in front of you, the room can cause some issues if you don’t take care of it as soon as possible. Leaking roof is one of the hidden problems in old homes because it can happen if you buy the house during summer. This way, you won’t see how the roof or windows behave on rainy days or during other harsh weather conditions. If the roof is leaking, and you’re late to notice that when buying a house, you can be unpleasantly surprised by mildew, mold, wooden construction damage, etc. Damaged insulation can also result in higher electricity bills, so it’s essential to check if there’s any sign of leakage before the rainy season starts.

  1. Foundation 

The ground underneath our homes is moving all the time, which can cause cracks in the foundation over time. These cracks are quite common for older homes, as they have endured a lot of ground pressure over the years. However, new owners should check for all the cracks and see the best way to fix them, as they can lead to severe damage such as wall cracks, leakages, etc. Depending on the condition of your foundation, fixing it can cost quite a bit, so it’s essential to plan this renovation carefully.

  1. Mold and pests 

If previous homeowners haven’t dealt with all of these problems on time, mold and pests could be your guests now. This is why it’s essential to check for any signs of these unwanted guests and remove them before moving in. Apart from causing damage to the house, these can also be a risk to your family’s health. Again, the costs of mold removal and pest inspection will depend on the size of the problem. Either way, tackling this issue should be a priority when preparing your old home for moving in.

  1. Asbestos 

For a long time, houses used asbestos in many parts such as pipes, floors, cement, etc. You don’t want to live in a home with traces of asbestos. It’s one of the significant causes of health issues and even death. This hazardous material is even more dangerous because you can’t see it – that’s why it’s one of the critical hidden problems in old homes. Check your home carefully before moving in.

Renovating an old home 

If you discover more than one of these hidden problems in old homes, carefully plan the renovation process. Moving companies such as Zippy Shell NV have experience with families renovating their homes. During their years on the market, it proved to be very useful to have an experienced team to move your items while the work is being done at the house.

Plan the budget 

Renovations can cost a lot – even a couple of thousands of dollars. You need to plan the budget carefully, so you don’t spend way too much money on the house. Budgeting and getting to know all the hidden problems in old homes will ensure you’re not caught by surprise and control the whole process.

Protect the items 

Doing any work around an old house involves a lot of dust, dirt, and risks of damage to your furniture and other house pieces. Thus, renting a storage unit is one of the best ideas when renovating. Of course, you’ll need to protect items in storage units as they can get damaged if not stored properly. Alas, getting storage is the best way to ensure they remain undamaged – just pack them safely and keep them away from all the construction work.Finally, do your renovation tasks by priority. Many hidden problems in old homes come in its main parts, such as foundation, windows, plumbing, and electrical systems. These are always a priority for making a home safe and comfortable for its new residents.

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