Options for Selling Your House for Job Relocation

Getting a new job is one of the main reasons people move. Even though this is an exciting change, it involves a lot of tasks you need to be prepared for. One of them is selling your old home and finding a new one. It’s not easy to do this, especially if you didn’t plan on moving soon. There are several options for selling your house for job relocation, and we’re going to explore all of them. Here’s everything to know about the process to ensure a successful and easy sale and a smooth relocation. 

Selling your home with the help of your company 

Most companies that operate in a couple of locations are willing to help their employees who need to move for work. It’s one of the most common options for selling your house for job relocation, too. Depending on your companies policy, you can go for one of the following scenarios and accelerate the selling process:

  • Buyout scenario – this is probably the fastest way to sell your home. Some companies offer to buy a house from their employee who needs to relocate. As this option is often reserved for senior or highly valued employees, be sure to accept it if they offer it to you. It simplifies the selling process and helps you avoid potentially risky selling scenarios.
  • Help with your down payment – sometimes, companies will offer to help with the money you need for the down payment for the new home. Again, this certainly helps the process go faster, so it’s wise to accept the offer.
  • Common moving scenario – the most common option is the company covering the moving services. Furthermore, some companies will cover the housing expenses for a while, travel fees, the relocation of your car, etc. While this is not precisely related to selling your house, it can certainly help during the process. 

Selling your home on your own

If you need to sell your home without the help of your company, make sure you do it fast. The goal is to have a quick sale that is also successful in terms of the price. If your home is not in a hot real estate market, this might be difficult to achieve. However, there are steps that lead to a successful sale, so be sure to follow them. 

Do the research

If you don’t have a lot of experience and knowledge of the current market, be sure to do the research. Know your neighborhood well, but also be realistic about the condition and value of your home. This will ensure you have the information to help you shape the price well. 

Hire a good agent 

No one can help you better than a skilled local agent. If you hire someone who knows the area well, you can expect them to find buyers quickly and help you achieve the best price. Agents also guide the sellers through the process. This is also very important if you want to get through it without mistakes and setbacks. 

Prepare your home for the sale

One of the most important steps of selling your house quickly is making the buyers love it. Prepare your home for sale in a couple of steps:

  • Improving its curb appeal will give the best first impression;
  • Home staging is essential – make sure the potential buyers don’t feel like strangers in another person’s home. Depersonalize the house, declutter, improve the lights and make the place cozy and welcoming;
  • Give your house a deep clean – if necessary, hire professional cleaners to make the property sparkly clean and fresh. Many sellers underestimate the power of a clean home, but it helps the buyers like the property better;
  • Take professional photos of the house – when putting up a house on sale, you should know that buyers are more like to click on a listing that includes beautiful, professional photos of the property. It’s another inexpensive trick to accelerate the selling process.

Go for the selling-for-cash option

Another thing you can do to make selling your house for job relocation fast is to offer it to buyers who will pay it with cash. Different buyers and investors are willing to help you close faster. Just make sure you’re dealing with verified, serious cash buyers

Buying a new home and moving before the sale

If you don’t want to sell your current home fast and lose money, maybe you can buy a second home and wait for a good offer. However, this can potentially result in two mortgages, so be sure you’re financially ready for this step. Buying a new home before you sell the old one is the moment when you start to get ready for the process of relocating your household. As you won’t have to bother with the sale, you can take your time to organize the smoothest interstate move ever. Make a list of tasks and start doing them one by one to ensure you don’t forget anything. The key to a simple and easy move is planning and organization, so make sure you do your homework on this one. 

Take a moment to process the changes 

Moving for work is often unexpected. As with every relocation, this one also involves a set of changes you need to adapt to – a new office, a new home, a new neighborhood. Add selling your house for job relocation and buying a new one – it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all that’s happening. It’s okay to feel a bit scared of all this, so make sure you stop, take a deep breath, and simply relax. Even good changes are sometimes intimidating, and it’s okay you feel this way. 

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