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How to Evaluate Your Portland Property’s Condition Before Selling

How to Evaluate Your Portland Property's Condition Before Selling

Realistically assessing your property’s condition is a valuable guide for sellers. However, some sellers fear discovering what they may discover as an issue during an inspection. When sellers bypass this step, contracts from potential buyers are likely to be fraught with contingencies based on the inspection’s outcome. Therefore, it’s much better to face the unknown and provide yourself with the information you need to make an educated decision about what may be the largest financial transaction of your lifetime.

The results of an evaluation of your property determine a great deal; for example, you’ll be able to set the right asking price from the start can influence the outcome of your sale. When properties are underpriced, buyers are wary that the property has problems that the agent didn’t include in the listing information. Conversely, overpriced properties tend to linger on the market, as today’s buyers can quickly scroll through hundreds of listings with their fingertips and simply move on to a better offering for the same amount.

An evaluation also allows sellers to select the best sales method. With the data in hand, you can decide if you want to invest more of your funds into the property to bring the highest possible profit from the sale or save your time, energy, and money by selling as-is to a cash buyer. So read on as we explore how to evaluate your Portland property’s condition before selling. 

Curb Appeal Value

First impressions count, with curb appeal influencing the value of your property by up to 7-14%.  Taking a photo of your home from the street view can help you evaluate your Portland property’s condition before selling. For example, many buyers focus on the roof due to the high replacement cost and will avoid properties that appear to be in less-than-perfect condition. While some fixes aren’t so costly, such as a fresh coat of paint or improving the appearance of your landscaping, apparent cracks or shifts in the foundation can signify an expensive fix. 

Interior Presentation

Most buyers seek homes they can move into immediately and enjoy thoroughly. Hence, it’s worth your while to investigate the methodology of staging when you consider how the interior of your home appears to buyers. Top agents will tell you that staged properties sell for up to 10% more. Staging concentrates on neutral color selections of the paint, flooring, and furniture, and even how the furniture is arranged in the space, along with the availability of light when you evaluate your Portland property’s condition before selling.


From appliances to surfaces in the home, consider the appeal of the appliances and fixtures currently in the home, primarily focusing on the kitchen and bath when you evaluate your Portland property’s condition before selling. These rooms are essential in selecting a property for many buyers, most of whom have no interest in taking on a project and living in a construction zone to bring them up to par. Kitchen makeovers, for example, can increase the overall value of a property by as much as 3 to 7 percent.

PDX Home Buyers

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the facts upfront? If you’d like to work with a company with a policy of total transparency, talk to one of the local hybrid agents at PDX Home Buyers about an evaluation of your Portland property’s condition before selling. At PDX Home Buyers, we want to help you to make an educated decision about the best way to sell your property. The hybrid agent investors and the entire team at PDX Home Buyers are your neighbors who live and work here right alongside you in Portland, and we want you to feel good about working with us long after the closing.

Hybrid agent investors like those at PDX Home Buyers are professional real estate agents and professional investors that built a career investing in the Portland real estate market. Acting as a real estate agent, a hybrid agent investor from PDX Home Buyers will advise you of the out-of-pocket expense you can expect from prep work, repairs, and marketing. You’ll have the numbers in hand so you understand how much you could profit from a conventional listing, putting in the work and finances to sell for the highest profits. Then, acting as a direct buyer, your hybrid agent investor from PDX Home Buyers will make you an offer you’ll agree is fair to buy your property for cash in as-is condition, with a fast guaranteed closing, often in days. Or talk to your hybrid agent from PDX Home Buyers about scheduling the best date for your move. With a direct sale to a hybrid agent investor from PDX Home Buyers, you can work with a professional to handle everything while paying no commissions; the amount of your offer is the amount you will have in cash after closing. You won’t even pay closing costs. Call PDX Home Buyers at (503) 893-9107.

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